Experience Your Soul

Holding Space Concord is a sacred and safe container to Experience Your Soul. We Hold Space for those who hear the call to come into alignment with their True Self through community conscious gatherings, intentional circles, and private one-on-one sessions. 

We don’t aim to "fix" anyone, because we don’t believe anyone is broken. We instead believe and have experienced that by creating a safe and sacred space to express energy while being witnessed, humans have the miraculous POWER to heal and harmonize their Mind, Body, and Spirit! 

Holding Space values Unconditional Love above all. Objective Compassion defines this kind of love. Objective, meaning to look at something without judgement or relating it back to one’s own life situations. And Compassion, meaning to want to serve another human by means of Holding Space for them while they allow energy to move and clear. 

We witness all who come to Holding Space Concord as their true Selves, which is the Soul that resides in their Heart Space. When someone sees that reflection of their true Selves in another EYES, that is what helps them Experience Their Soul. 

We look forward to witnessing you while you "Experience Your Soul" at an upcoming conscious gathering! 

Abby Gittin 

Priestess of Unconditional Love

Sacred Space Holder

Intuitive Energy Artist

About Me:

My life’s story can be summed up by incredible experiences that have brought me closer and closer to knowing my Soul, Source, and the meaning of Unconditional Love and Holding Space. Through all extreme highs and lows of my life, my Inner Being has always been there to graciously guide me back Home. 

I "woke up" in 2018, and began my journey of seeking more depth in my Human Experience, remembering that there is something so much bigger at play for my Soul while here on Earth. I like to call this 5D consciousness playing the "Big Game of Life", whereas I had been playing the 3D "Small Game of Life" for a very long time. 

I have been a student of energy my whole life, unconsciously and consciously. My life’s journey with my physical body has allowed me to have complete faith in my vessel, knowing that it is always working for me, and never against me. Such as life itself! 

I became Reiki Master Teacher attuned in 2018 after a huge loss in my life, opening up a portal of opportunities for me to practice Holding Space for myself and for others. 

I became a mother to my first-born Sun later in 2018, which was what opened up the portal for me to allow a clear connection to Source, and brought me to my knees in Prayer and Surrender. 

In this life, I choose to value and experience family, embodiment, plant medicine, shamanism, meditation, yoga, conscious living, conscious communication, conscious leadership, fun-having, loving the shit out of myself, song and drum circles, dancing, nature therapy, clarity, and CommUNITY. 


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